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Value Added Tax (VAT)

Taxguide Bangladesh provides online support and A to Z solution for all VAT related matters. Whether in need of quality representation before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh or simply looking for some assistance for regular VAT query, Taxguide Bangladesh delivers it all. VAT Accounting We conduct VAT accounting and monitor documentation handling on behalf of our clients. Maintaining an appropriate account of your VAT payment is of enormous importance since it is often ....

Income Tax

We render business and income tax consulting services to a variety of individuals and companies across Bangladesh. However, our expertise lies in business and corporate income tax. We have designed our income and business tax consulting services to ensure that the distinct needs of each of our clients are fully satisfied. Income Tax Accounting Accounting is quintessential for the purposes of income tax. Failure to maintain accounts in the prescribed manner is sanctioned by penalty under Income ....


Taxguide Bangladesh is equipped to provide complete solution and support for all Customs related matters. We advise on all Customs Duty matters and the various relief procedures available to importers and exporters and advice on the business structures required to comply with Customs’ requirements and conditions. The penalty for evasion is heavy and can be anywhere between 20 percent and 100 percent of the tax evaded depending on the co-operation which the taxpayer extends to the investigato ....

Customs Bond

Our coverage includes licensing support, L/C preparation, warehousing related accounting, obtaining Utilization Permission and Utilization Declaration which are vital for exporters. We also cover Home Consumption Bond related matters such licensing, L/C preparation, warehousing accounting, Into Bond and Out Bond/Ex Bond, and full documentation support and procedure maintenance.


Taxguide Bangladesh specialist and in depth knowledge of these complex areas of law has earned it the honor and opportunity to be consulted by the National Board of Revenue for reviewing, analyzing and evaluating policy matters such as tax rates and tax exemptions.


General Outline of our Consultancy Services VAT Online VAT registration & re-registration Preparing accurate monthly VAT Accounting Submission of monthly VAT return Maintenance of Mushuk – 6.1 and Mushuk – 6.2 as per VAT Act 2012 VAT Rebate Preparation of VAT related documentation Representation before all courts of law in Bangladesh and correspondence with VAT authority Managing and representation during VAT Audit VAT Appeals VAT Planning VAT Invest ....